Friday, 4 March 2011

To Buy or Not to Buy? (And Where From?)

So while I'm reading and finishing my current book, I thought I'd tell you about where I get my books from. And how I go about which ones to buy or not.

Usually when buying a new book, I'll lovingly have a look around the local Waterstones and gaze adoringly at covers of new books and older books alike. Then make a mental note of which ones sound the most interesting.
Then, It's time to buy.

Firstly, there's the wonderful world that is Amazon, (or, depending where you live). The majority of books that I want come from there. Basically because it's a place where you can find any book you like, at a cheaper price. (usually).
I'll also have a good gander at before buying. Just in case.

Although sometimes when you wander into a good charity shop and browse the shelves for a while you can find some treasures. I found the first volume of Les Miserables by (Victor Hugo) in a charity shop not too long ago. And they'll always have Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella or Gill Mansell on the shelves (if you're into Chick-lit of course.)

Another good place I've found is Asda. They do newer and more popular books for a relatively small amount of money (in comparison to book shops) and I've frequently found a book I'd like to read there. Such as the new Rick Riordan book - The Lost Hero (in the Percy Jackson series - heroes of Olympus).

So yes, those are a few of my favourite haunts. Please use them well.

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