Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A little Update - The 15 Day Book Challenge

Right now I have an absolutely unruly amount of books to read, all stacked up in a pile in my cupboard. Most have been reccommended to me by my sister or reviews from other bloggers. Or.. just because I wanted to read it.

As I'm currently working my way through the Hitchhikers Guide Trilogy of Five by Douglas Adams(and it might take a little bit, although I am on the last book), I'm going to do a book challenge I found on the internet. So over the next fifteen posts, I will be writing all about books.
Also, don't worry. More reviews WILL be coming soon. Well, as soon as I've finished a new book.

The 15 Day Book Challenge

Day 1- Your favorite book and why
Day 2- A quote from said book
Day 3- Your favorite author and favorite book by them
Day 4- Your favorite book from your childhood
Day 5- Guilty pleasure book
Day 6- If you were stranded on a desert island, what book would you want?
Day 7- Favorite movie adaptation of a book
Day 8- Favorite quote from any book
Day 9- What are you currently reading?
Day 10- Write a review of the last book you read
Day 11- Favorite book you had to read for school
Day 12- Favorite classic
Day 13- Favorite poet
Day 14- Post your favorite poem
Day 15- Recommend 5 books

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