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Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium is a quiet masterpiece. The descriptions are beautiful and the storyline is good. It's different, even from other futuristic society novels.

Delirium is all about love. Only love is a disease. Amor Deliria Nervosa to be precise. And the way it's described is perfect. It wreacks havoc upon you. At least, that's what the government is saying. Lena believes whole heartedly in the cure for this disease. A cure you have at 18. She has 95 days.
But then something happens on the day of her Evaluation. And that's when the adventure really begins.

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Delirium is a haunting and detailed story. I'm sure I'll have it in my head for a good few days, even if I start reading another book. But this book. Wow.
It shows a change of perspectives, this time it's from the viewpoint of someone who agrees with society. And it takes a hell of a lot for her to think that it may not be right. It's quite refreshing to see this. Usually people who are against society in fiction are already inclined to be against it.
Whereas her best friend Hana is breaking rules left right and centre.

Lena is the perfect herione. She's flawed and interesting. But she's just like you and me, which makes you like her even more. In fact, the only thing that annoyed me about her was the fact that during the first half of the book she was very derogatory about herself. She was hard on herself. but as always she matures and grows throughout the book., so I guess it was kind of needed.

If anyone thought that we didn't need love, reading this book would make them think otherwise. It's heart wrenching and beautiful, and makes you see all kinds of love. Romantic, Friendship, Familial and so on.

It also made me think about the divide and difference between adults and children. This was defined even more by the cureds and uncureds, the adults and children in Lena's world. It made me think that adults still need fun in their lives, otherwise it's not really living.
And the ending is a complete heart breaker.

This book is stunning. And I'm giving it 5 out of 5.
And I'm getting her previous book.

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