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Matched by Ally Condie

Cassia has waited all her life to be matched. And on her seventeenth birthday she is matched with a young man. Except all is not what it seems. Cassia has two matches. The Society has made a mistake. The society never makes a mistake. Cassia is determined to find out why.

Cassia's world is our future. Set in an indeterminable place where The Society dictates exactly how people live; what they wear, what they eat, who they love, when they die.
It's a world I would hate to live in.

This story is a beautiful one about people, love and rules, exploring in detail various facets of love and society, and how lucky we are to be able to have choices of our own.
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The themes here are ones only ever lightly touched upon in today's novels: People's choices, Slow burning love, different types of love, the importance of words and culture and the importance of knowledge.

In fact, to me the scariest part of this Society was that there was such a limited amount of culture and history. Only alarming perhaps because so much of how we live today is influenced by it. This book really highlighted that fact. There were only 100 songs, 100 paintings, 100 stories and 100 poems. It made me realise how hungry people really are for knowledge.

I also liked how the love scenes were so pure and thoughtful. How it wasn't just a rushed love story, and the characters fitted well together, and actually talked. Even though it was set fatalistically, this was realistic.
Cassia, in my opinion was a good heroine. She is thoughtful and clever, yet not quite as daring as I thought she would be, but that is also realistic. How often do we stop to think about our society? I very much enjoyed journeying through the questioning of society with her.

For me, there are many questions that need answering, so I hope that when I get 'Crossed', the next installment, that it will be just as thoughtful and well written as 'Matched'.

Of course, this book isn't one to be read lightly, and probably isn't for a lot of readers, but for me it was 5 out of 5 stars.


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