Monday, 27 June 2011

To the Moon and Back By Jill Mansell

Ellie Kendall has everything she needs from life, until her husband is suddenly taken from her.
She eventually emerges from her hollow existence, realising all she needs is a new start (due to her father-in-law), even though she still keeps something old with her. Her husband Jamie. But the thing with Jamie is, he talks to her.

Roo is a party girl. And she just so happens to live opposite Ellie. She has a secret. in fact.. a few really.

From Book
Zack has just met the woman of his dreams. But she doesn't know he exists, and wouldn't be interested if she did.

This story is about the intricacies of relationships, both old and new, and the pain of loss. But most of all it's about love. And if anything describes a Jill Mansell novel, it's the word romance.
This book is quick, indulgent and a perfect summer read. Always a good book for lazing around on a beach or reading in the garden (when the weather perks up). Although this is not altogether as light hearted and fun as some of Jill Mansells other novels, but still rather good.
It also weaves and interlaces the characters stories skillfully, as you may expect from seasoned writer.

So I'm giving this book 4 out of 5.
It's only a 4 because I'm looking for new and different aspects to be brought to the table now, especially after reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Although it is always comforting to settle down with something you know will be a well written predominantly light-hearted romance.

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